The grooviest bass line ever…

…that happened accidentially.

Well, sometimes you just need to be lucky. I was lucky when I found this nice vocal sample and decided to build a groovy, funky track around it. I used my TD-3 to compose a little bass line on it. After dozens of unsatisfying attempts without finding the right groove, I almost gave up. Suddenly, however, The perfect bass line was there! And to be honest, it was just there and I didnt’t know how I made it (and if I made it at all).

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Let me explain. The bass line’s note sequence came from a sequencer combined with some midi effects, resulting in a partly random output, generating slightly different melodies everytime I hit the play button. I recorded the midi output to save the best attempts and listen to it.

When l was listening, I forgot to turn off the sequencer, resulting in my TD-3 being triggered by the recorded note sequence and the sequencer’s output at the same time and BOOM the perfect bass line was born!

If you wonder, how I managed to record the midi notes coming from both, the sequencer and the existing midi clip at the same time, well, that’s another story….

poly alias MC FLOURISH · Better Late Than Never

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